TIMBERTEX Vapour Barrier

Timbertex Airtight Control Barrier protects the construction from condensation caused by diffusion. It ensures a controlled and regulated diffusion of water vapour through the thermal insulation. Like all of Isocell's membranes products it is extremely durable. Due to its strength it can be used as a retaining airtight membrane for blown in insulation. Air-Sealing with: Airstop Flex Adhesive Tape, Airstop Adhesive Tape, Airstop Sealant Sprint. Please follow our product guidelines.


https://isocell.ie/doc/timbertex-vapour-barrier-d80fbac0875afa91ff0e4404823d2db7.pdf https://isocell.ie/doc/declaration-of-performance-timbertex-dampfbremse-en.pdf
  • Wind and draught repellent
  • Robust and tear-resistant
  • Recyclable and environmentally safe
  • Airtight and easy to install
  • Prevents spontaneous condensation
  • Controlled vapour diffusion
1.5 m x 50 m - 30 rolls
3 m x 100 m - 20 rolls
  • weight: ca. 100 g/m²
  • sd-value: ca. 10 m
  • colour: beige