The tape consists of a fleece structure that can be plastered over and is coated with a high-performance adhesive. The back is completely adhesive and has split liners. The adhesive strip covering the surface can be attached directly to the window frame without detaching a liner and the tape is completely concealed when embedded.

  • Soft, flexible structure
  • Extremely strong adhesion on all types of window frame and various substrates e.g. concrete, plaster, OSB, wood, vapour barriers
  • Alternating adhesive coating for concealed fitting
  • Split liners
  • Flexibility for movement of building component
  • Can be plastered and painted over
75 mm x 25 m - 6 rolls (ES)
75 mm x 25 m - 4 rolls (WS)
100 mm x 25 m - 4 rolls (WS)
100 mm x 25 m - 4 rolls (ES)
  • liner strip: 25 / 50 | 35 / 65