AIRSTOP Bitumen Rubber tape

Isocell Airstop Bitumen Rubber Adhesive Tape with highly viscous, permanently elastic bitumen-rubber substance. AIRSTOP Bitumen Rubber Tape has excellent adhesive properties on a variety of substrates and is used especially to seal problematic joints between sills and concrete surfaces. It is also suitable for sealing butt joints, penetrations, valleys and flashing troughs in roof constructions, particularly with DHF (non-vapour retardant wood fibre board) panels and softboard panels. Divided separating paper allows for perfect and precise installation in corners.

  • Sealant for DHF and softboard panels under the roof at butt joints, valleys and flashing troughs
  • Sealant at sills (floor and ceiling)
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Installation possible from -10°C
  • Resistant to moisture.
100 mm x 10 m - 10 rolls
150 mm x 10 m - 6 rolls
200 mm x 10 m - 5 rolls
300 mm x 10 m - 1 rolls
  • line division: 50/50 | 75/75 | 100/100 | 150/150