Omega Alu Bitumen Tape

Omega Alu Bitumen Tape has a tear-proof tape base of aluminium/polyester/foil composite, applied to a bitumen polymer adhesive tape with very good adhesive properties as well as high resistance to ageing and UV-Light.Suitable for roof repairs.A reliable bonding & seal for roof underlay, wind seals, metals, wooden materials & tiles.

  • UV-Resistant
  • For outdoor threshold joints
  • For sealing & taping over gaps, rain water gutters, flashing at eaves & valleys, as well as ventilation duct work, drainpipes & joints
  • For external window sill weatherproofing.
  • roll width: 60 mm
  • roll length: 30 m
  • width: 3 mm
  • carton contents: 8 rolls